Our Story

582414_102703109869404_1399511293_nHello my name is Pamela Perez, and I am a US citizen. I met my husband in July 1996. We were married in 2005. Between the two of us we have 5 children that we love dearly, 4 which are Us citizens.
In 2008 my husband voluntarily went back to Mexico in the hope of coming back to US the legal way. I moved to Mexico soon after to be with my husband and found it too difficult to live there. I could not find a job, my Spanish illiteracy kept my communications and social life limited. I was confined mostly to home. I became so depressed I missed the life that we once had, my family and my country . I never knew how hard it must have been when my husband first came here in 1994. He didn’t know anyone, and he couldn’t speak any English, but yet learned our language, found a job and even started a small successful roofing business. Yes we where well on our way to our American Dream.

We decided that I would go back to the US and start the visa process here. I remember us saying how could we be rejected, we’ve been through so much together and 428376_102710373202011_79373887_nweathered so many bad storms. I will never forget the day I received the approval notice stating his approval, I called him immediately to give him the good news. We were so excited a few months later I received our interview date in Ciudad Juarez. Finally we are going to have our lives back. We went over all of our documentation making sure we had everything in order so there would be no mistake. On the day of his appointment we felt so confident. He left about 7:00 am that morning, I remained at the hotel as I wasn’t allowed to accompany him at his interview. As time passed I started to worry a bit so I decided to go down in the waiting area of the hotel to wait for him there. A few hours passed, when I finally saw him coming up the walk way, I ran outside and just remember hugging him so tightly. It was as if I already knew the outcome, we both were in tears and crying has he handed me the blue sheet of paper they gave him explaining why he was denied. My husband was charged under section 212(a)(6(c ) (ii) claiming false citizenship.
My husband is a decent, hardworking man that is well liked and respected in our community. We had a wonderful life taken from us without being able to defend his action. He is not a criminal, nor is he a threat to the US. I support our Government in their efforts to secure our borders. As a US citizen I feel I deserve to have my husbands case looked into further and reconsidered. Our family has been torn apart and I should not have to live this way in my own country. Make some changes, dreams are being shattered and US citizens are suffering!

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